Spanish Courses Luton

Spanish Courses Luton

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Here’s a great way to learn Spanish. How about learning on one of our Spanish courses, with a private tutor? One of the fastest, most effective ways to learn.

Our Spanish Courses – Details

Course Content: Based around your needs and interests
Location of Lessons:
Anywhere in Luton
Lesson Days/Times:
Your Choice
Lesson Length: Either 1.5 or 2 hours
Lesson Frequency: Your Choice
Course Start Date: Your Choice
Total Course Length: Your Choice

“I had at least 3 breakthroughs that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods

Benefits of our Spanish Courses

  • Free, in-depth needs analysis and diagnostic
  • Save time and effort vs searching for teacher yourself
  • Learn quickly and easily
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Free, in-depth needs analysis and diagnostic

Before starting. Speak to one of our experts over the phone. Find out where you are. And where you need to be with your Spanish. All for free.

Save time and effort vs searching for teacher yourself

It can be hard work looking for and finding the right teacher. We’ve got thousands of hours and years of experience finding and matching teachers with learners. Let us do the hard work!

Learn quickly and easily

Once you’re set up the lessons are all about you. The tailored course means you only learn and focus on what you want. You’ll learn quickly and easily.

Ed Oneill Academic Director Uk Language Project Luton

Forget about having a foreign sounding accent. Who cares? Practice and make progress, that’s the key.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Face to face and online lessons now available! Call 03333 66 00 13x