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UK Language Project

Response to Brexit – UK Language Project

The UK Language Project Directors are deeply disappointed following the ‘Leave’ result at the UK Referendum on the European Union. We also believe this reflects the sentiment of the wider UK Business Community.

As a forward-thinking company promoting language and cultural awareness it is disturbing to find that there is a potential negative sentiment among a vast amount of the UK population, away from greater integration with our friends and partners on the European continent.

A Statement From Managing Director Ed O’Neill

Ed ONeill - Academic Director UK Language Project Newcastle (2)“The result of this referendum is extremely upsetting, for everyone concerned with the company – Tutors, students and staff. In the hours following the referendum one of our German tutors tendered their resignation citing that they would be returning to Germany following the result. This will no doubt be one of many challenges facing our company and the greater business community following this result”


The UK Language Project will continue to deliver language lessons to all companies and individuals despite this setback. In the hope that some positive conclusion can come from this result.

Ed O’Neill – 24th June 2016

UK Language Project
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