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Type of CourseCost for 40 hour block*Hourly breakdown**Delivery
1:1£2200 +VATFrom £55 per hour +VATIn-person. Online.
Or mix of both.
Small Group (2-4 people)£2800 +VATFrom £70 per hour +VATIn-person. Online.
Or mix of both.
Larger Group (5-8 people)£3200 +VATFrom £80 per hour +VATIn-person. Online.
Or mix of both.

*There is no VAT to pay on any of our English as a Foreign Language courses.

**For maximum benefit and progress a 40 hour block of lessons is recommended to begin with.

Though we don’t recommend groups larger than 8 learners, contact us if you’re thinking about running courses with more than 8 people per group. We’ll walk you through the options and pricing.


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“When our teams were going into France and Morocco they were better able to interact with teams there.”

Ed Chapman
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Frequently asked questions

Corporate Lessons

Can we move or reschedule lessons?

Yes, it’s very flexible. Just be sure to let the trainer know at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the lesson. For group lessons, they can be added to the end of the current block as long as they are cancelled in time.

Do you do 1 hour lessons?

We don’t usually recommend 1 hour lessons for face to face, in-person training. A number of our trainers don’t take on work if it is a single hour due to travel time. If a single hour is all you can manage speak to our team and we’ll take you through the options.

1 hour lessons are available for online training.

Do you have a brochure?
How do we pay for the courses?

Payment on invoice for a block of training in advance is our standard procedure. We will issue an invoice on 30 day terms once training has started and everybody is happy with how things have started.

Card payment and monthly payment options are available for some courses. Our team will be happy to take you through the options.

How do you find out the levels of each learner?

Usually it is enough to ask each learner for an estimate of their language level. In some cases, we will provide an online assessment for learners to complete prior to undergoing training though this isn’t usually required.

How much time should we commit to the language courses?

This can depend on whether courses are intensive or not. The vast majority of clients book blocks of weekly training. A block will usually cover around 6 months of training. 6 months to a year initially should be factored in for this kind of training.

How often should lessons take place?

For group lessons, the majority of our clients opt for a single 1.5 hour group session per week. 2 x 1.5 hour lessons per week is also possible.


For 1:1 lessons it is much more flexible. Frequency of lessons can be decided freely between the student and the trainer based on needs and schedule.

How soon can lessons be up and running?

Once we have authorisation from your end that lessons can take place we can usually get everything set up within a week or so depending on location and language.

What is the first step?

Give our language team a call in 03333 66 00 13 or contact us using the contact form and we’ll discuss your company’s needs.

What lesson lengths are available?

The standard lesson lengths for face to face, in-person training are 1.5 hours (most popular) or 2 hours. For online lessons we are also able to offer a 1 hour lesson slot.

What levels do you teach?

Our trainers can teach all levels from beginner to proficiency.

What qualifications and experience do the trainers have?

All our trainers are university educated and have at least 2 years post qualification experience. Most of our trainers have spent years, or in some cases decades in industry and teaching in-company.

What will be covered in the courses?

It’s incredibly flexible. For 1:1 lessons the trainer will carefully prepare a course syllabus that meets the needs of the student and can be tweaked as the course goes on.

For group lessons the trainer can again customise the course. Industry-specific vocabulary, role plays and other aspects can be introduced into the course if needed, even at lower levels.

What’s your cancellation policy?

For 1:1 lessons, the student will need to notify the trainer with at least 48 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule a lesson. For group lessons, the same applies. Either the organiser or the company will need to notify the trainer or one of our team with at least 48 hours notice to avoid paying for the cancelled/re-scheduled session.

When can lessons take place?

The vast majority of our clients opt for lessons during work hours. We like to be flexible and there is no extra charge if lessons take place outside of working hours or even at weekends.

Where do lessons take place?

Trainers can come to your company premises to deliver group or 1:1 training if you have a suitable room. All trainers can also deliver training online if preferred. For 1:1 training, this can also be done off-site. At the employee’s home for example. We like to keep things as flexible as possible.


“The teacher is great. She has managed to tailor the lessons to our specific level and requirements, and is always willing to be flexible.”

Tom Bacon

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