Portuguese Courses Potters Bar

Portuguese Courses Potters Bar

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Taking the next steps and deciding to take a Portuguese course is a good idea. Learning with a private tutor can help you make progress even more quickly.

Why not try a course with one of our Portuguese tutors? We will take care of every detail, from start to finish, so you can focus on learning, thanks to personalised, enjoyable lessons.

Portuguese Courses – Information

Lesson Days/Times: Your Choice
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Lesson Venue: Anywhere in Potters Bar – Your Choice
Lesson Frequency: Your Choice
Course Content: Bespoke, personalised course
Course Start Date: Your Choice
Total Course Length: Your Choice

“I had at least 3 breakthroughs that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods

Benefits of our Portuguese Courses

  • Free Needs Analysis
  • Learn Fast
  • Easy Payment
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Free Needs Analysis

Give us a call, and we will discuss your language needs. As well as hammering out some goals and a plan to achieve them, free of charge, to help you decide if this course is right for you.

Learn Fast

The teaching will allow you to learn at a faster rate than in a traditional classroom, because the focus is on you, and your learning. Only study what you want. Ask all the questions. Skip what you don’t want.

Easy Payment

Paying for your course is quick and easy, using debit or credit card. Just give us a call with your details when ready.

Ed Oneill Academic Director Uk Language Project Potters Bar

“Don’t fear taking action to improve your Portuguese. Only fear stopping!”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Face to face and online lessons now available! Call 03333 66 00 13x