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    Portuguese Courses Leamington Spa

    Portuguese Courses Leamington Spa

    Course Information

    Portuguese Courses in Leamington Spa for Business and Individuals

    Picking through Portuguese courses to find the right one for your needs can be a tough task! What if you could study only what you needed to? At times and days when you were available? Well now you can. With our private courses, we can send you a private teacher so you can get learning straight away.

    If you need to find a supplier for your language training needs we can help there too. Visit our business language training page to see how we can help.

    Find out more about our Portuguese courses

    Course Content: Fully-tailored course
    Course Start Date: Your choice (we can usually get you set up within a week)
    Total Course Length: Flexible (subject to minimum booking)
    Lesson Days/Times: Can be adjusted to your needs
    Lesson Length: Either 1.5 or 2 hours (1.5 hours per session most popular)
    Lesson Frequency: Flexible (1 x 1.5 hour session per week recommended)
    Lesson Venue: Anywhere in Leamington Spa


    “When our teams were going into France and Morocco they were better able to interact with teams there.”

    Ed Chapman

    (Mayborn Group – Took French Lessons)

    Advantages of our Portuguese courses

    • High quality teaching
    • Get started straight away
    • Keep track of your progress via emailed reports
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    High quality teaching

    We make a point of making sure courses are delivered by the best quality tutors. So you not only learn quickly, but also enjoy the process. Keeping you motivated to get to your goals.

    Get started straight away

    You won’t need to wait around to get started. Once you’ve paid your course fees we can usually get you up and running within a week or so.

    Keep track of your progress via emailed reports

    It’s important to stay informed. To know exactly how you are tracking towards your goals. That’s why your teacher will send you a report after each lesson. Showing what was studied, any homework, and the all important stats on your progress.


    “When you really start getting to grips with Portuguese it will be like seeing the world with a new pair of eyes.”

    Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

    Covid-19: We are adapting to the new normal. Ask us about our online and in-person options.x