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Mandarin Courses Farnborough
Course Information

Mandarin Courses in Farnborough for Business and Individuals

Searching through Mandarin courses online? How about trying private lessons? With a language like Mandarin it’s vital to have an expert guide to show you the way.

If you need to get Mandarin courses set up for your employees we can assist with that too. Find out more about the work we’ve done training numerous companies, large and small, in a variety of languages, on our business language training page.

Info on Mandarin Courses

  • Course Start Date: Flexible
  • Lesson Times/Days: Fit around your schedule
  • Lesson Location: Anywhere in Farnborough
  • Course Content: Based on your unique needs
  • Lesson Frequency: Minimum 1.5 hour session per week is recommended
  • Total Course Length: Your choice – ask us for advice


“1 hour of private lessons is like 6 or 7 hours in class!”

Alessandro Toccafondi

Advantages of Doing Mandarin Courses with Us

  • High quality teaching
  • Easy to get started
  • Enjoyable lessons

High quality teaching

You can cut through all the noise online. Organising your Mandarin lessons through us will ensure you receive the best quality, professional, experienced teacher. We’ve done our homework, and already gone out and found them!

Easy to get started

After you’ve decided you want to go ahead. Then paid your course fees. We can get you started with a teacher. Getting the course set up usually takes a week or so. Then you’re on your way. We keep you posted throughout the process.

Enjoyable lessons

To make progress and stay motivated you actually have to enjoy the lessons. That’s why our teachers are chosen not only for their credentials. But also for their personability. All teachers make your progress and enjoyment their number 1 priority.

“Where to start? Anywhere. The most important thing. Get started with your Mandarin. If you need help, ask.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Covid-19: Due to the current situation all our language lessons are currently taking place onlinex