Mandarin Courses Bolton

Mandarin Courses Bolton

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So you’re on the lookout for Mandarin courses and you’ve landed here. Great! Now, where do you start? We can help by matching you with a tutor who will give you bespoke, personalised lessons.

Mandarin Courses – Details

Lesson Days/Times: Your Choice
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Lesson Venue: Anywhere in Bolton – You Decide
Lesson Frequency: Your Choice
Course Content: Bespoke, personalised course
Course Start Date: Your Choice
Total Course Length: You Decide

“I had at least 3 breakthroughs that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods

Why Let Us Find You a Mandarin Tutor?

  • No Initial Payment
  • Guaranteed a Quality Tutor
  • Easy Course Payment
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No Initial Payment

Speak to our team and we will help you determine if this is the right course for you, free of charge.

Guaranteed a Quality Tutor

Our tutors are all experienced, highly professional and pre-vetted by our language team.

Easy Course Payment

Pay for your lessons using debit or credit card.

Ed Oneill Academic Director Uk Language Project Bolton

“It will be hard learning Mandarin no doubt. Often the greatest moments in your life are born out of the hardest times. It will all be worth it in the end.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Face to face and online lessons now available! Call 03333 66 00 13x