How It Works

How It Works

Course Information
  • Our step by step process for setting up your language lessons

  • Spend some time on our site. Decide whether private lessons are for you

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Arrange a discovery call with one of our team to discuss your needs and goals

    We will send this to your chosen teacher so they can carefully structure and plan a course tailored to your needs and goals.

  • If you're happy to go ahead. Pay for a block of lessons over the phone with your credit or debit card

    Feel secure in the knowledge that all our courses are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We match you with a fantastic local language teacher in your area or online (it's up to you). You can also do a mix of both!

    All our teachers are passionate professionals. They’ll help you to feel relaxed and at ease. So you can gain in confidence from the first lesson.

  • Once you're matched with a teacher we'll arrange a time, day and location for your 1st lesson

    Days/times and locations are flexible. We’ll do our best to accommodate lessons around your schedule.

  • During your 1st lesson feel free to arrange further lessons directly with the teacher and get more booked in

    Lessons will be paced so you feel comfortable. The teacher will challenge you, while also making lessons fun and enjoyable.

  • Start taking lessons and making progress in your chosen language

    Your lessons will be tailored to your needs. With engaging, fun and interesting content to keep you motivated. So you make progress and gain confidence quickly.

  • Once you get near to the end of your block of lessons your teacher will review your progress. You can decide to continue with another block booking or not. It's up to you

    By the end of the first block you should feel yourself growing in confidence and feeling a noticeable improvement.

  • Re-book another block of lessons with ease. Just let us know you'd like to re-book and we'll take care of the rest with no interruption to your lessons

    It may take several blocks to get to where you want to be with your language skills. Your teacher will be with you every step of the way. Encouraging and challenging you to get there!

We’ve already found the best teachers, so you don’t have to!

To give you an idea about the kind of calibre of teacher you’ll be having lessons with, here is a selection of our teachers along with a short bio for each.

Spanish Teacher
Gracia is a native Spanish speaker from Malaga. She has a degree in linguistics, English literature and history from the University of Malaga. She has taught Spanish privately in Spain, Ireland and the UK.
French Teacher
Emilie has extensive teaching qualifications and has a wide range of experience working all over the world. She has qualified as a school teacher and also works freelance as a translator and an interpreter.
English as a Foreign Language Teacher
John has worked in the USA, Macau, Hong Kong and the UK and holds a Double First Class BA Hons in TESOL with English Linguistics and Linguistics. He currently divides his time between University Tutoring and working with private students.
English as a Foreign Language / French Teacher
With more than a quarter of a century teaching English and French in France. Steve is extremely experienced and is our Business English specialist. With expertise in Business Writing, Negotiation and Presentation skills.

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Our experts tell all


Steve Tomlinson Testimonial Image

“Truly inspired learning experiences”

Steve Tomlinson – Learned French 1:1

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Gain Confidence in Hours…Not Years!

The gains made during private lessons destroy all other forms of language learning.

Hands down.

Here are some of the reasons why no other form of language learning can compete with the effectiveness of private lessons:

  • Careful preparation – Following your telephone needs analysis with our team your teacher will thoughtfully prepare a course of lessons around your needs. With each lesson they will get to know your more, tweaking their approach and preparation so it gets better and better.
  • Highly-tailored content – Focus on areas and topics that matter to you. That way you are continually engaged, motivated and progressing without really realising it.
  • Relaxed atmosphere – As you are the only student it’s relaxed, well-paced learning, designed to move at a speed that you feel comfortable with.
  • Professional teacher – We’ve picked the most professional, experienced teachers who know how to make learning stick. There’s no guesswork, they’ve helped hundreds of students in exactly your position already.
  • Well-structured lessons – Your teacher will use a mix of activities and approaches to keep you motivated. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for questions or reviewing material if needed. You’ll feel confident you’re understanding well before moving on.

Maria Lopez Testimonial Image 2

“I loved my lessons, I had a knowledgeable and patient teacher who made learning very enjoyable.”

Maria Lopez – Learned Italian 1:1

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