• Our tried and tested process for getting your company language training set up

  • Spend some time on our site

    Decide whether you think we’d be a fit for your company’s needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Make contact with accounts team

    Send the team a message via our contact form or give them a call on 03333 66 00 13. You can discuss your employees’ language learning requirements with them. They’ll be able to advise on the best solution.

  • Arrange discovery call

    Discuss your requirements with one of our team. Ask any questions you need. We’ll help you decide the best language training solution for your needs before moving on.

  • Go ahead with course booking

    Let us know if things are authorised. We’ll get to work matching you with a suitable trainer or trainers to deliver the courses.

  • Get first lessons set up

    We’ll liaise with either yourself or directly with the learners to set up a first lesson or set of lessons. From there, learners and trainers can either arrange further lessons directly or attend lessons at set times/days each week.

  • Complete first lessons

    Once delegates have had their first lessons we’ll check in with you, the delegates and the trainer to make sure all went fantastically.

  • Pay for lessons

    Once you’re happy with everything we will invoice for an agreed block of training on 30 day terms. We also have monthly payment options for some courses. You can discuss this with your Account Manager who will be happy to advise.

  • Stay in touch

    Your Account Manager will be close by should you have any queries about your course or courses. They’ll also check in regularly with participants and trainers to ensure things are on track. They’ll also provide you with any management information you need on a regular basis.

  • Review and renew course booking

    Towards the end of an agreed block of lessons the trainer will report back on progress and we’ll decide together what action is required. Further blocks can be booked in quickly and easily if required. No disruption to courses.

With decades of experience in industry and teaching languages we’re bound to have a trainer for your company needs

English Trainer
Qualified as Teacher of English as a Foreign Language after 20+ years as a lecturer / tutor at leading UK and US universities. Many of his students have pursued successful careers in academia, business and medicine.
Spanish Trainer
Originally from Argentina, Cynthia has been teaching extensively since 1991. With roles, amongst others, at the University of Buenos Aires and The College of Guadeloupe. Specialises in Legal and Business Spanish.
English as a Foreign Language / French Trainer
Over a quarter of a century teaching English and French in France. Steve is extremely experienced and is our Business English specialist. Expertise in Business Writing, Negotiation and Presentation skills.
Dutch / German / English as a Foreign Language Trainer
An accomplished trainer and educator, Louis has a PhD in linguistics. He works for a number of Universities on their Dutch and German teaching programmes, as well as in-company for us, teaching high profile clients.

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“We chose UK Language Project as our language training supplier as it made sense to have someone else find the right person with the right skills who would be able to come into our offices to teach German.

UK Language Project found us the perfect trainer who was very capable and personable.”

Sarah Preston (Siemens)

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One of the most cost effective methods of corporate training there is

Compared with other types of corporate training, language training can be incredibly cost effective per head.

Here are some of the other reasons why you should consider using our services

  • Enhanced job performance of employees

Engaged, motivated staff, and staff who feel valued will go the extra mile for your organisation. Language courses funded by an employer will help develop your people into these A-players.

  • Employee attraction and retention

Language training is a huge win-win. Companies win as their staff are more productive, happier, and feel valued. Employees win because they are learning a skill they value and the company is investing in them. The best talent will often be attracted to companies where there are solid training/professional development opportunities in place.

  • Improves communication skills

Employees equipped with solid language skills communicate correctly, first time. Ensuring that tasks are completed and misunderstandings/miscommunications are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Foster networking and rapport-building among employees

Employees from across the organisation can meet during lessons. This increases inter-team networking opportunities. Delegates undertaking training also get more opportunities to speak with colleagues overseas in their language if equipped with language skills. This can build rapport and confidence.

  • Equip employees with structured frameworks and tools they can use long after courses complete

This is huge. Our clients have told us time and again that they have been able to apply the language learning skills and techniques learnt during lessons, long after the lessons have finished. Essentially the lessons and trainers can teach your employees best practice and how to learn so they can then improve by themselves.

Some of our clients have included

Lisa Hirst Testimonial Image

I decided to choose UKLP for NSK’s language training based on their impressive customer base and their flexible approach to learning. UKLP conducted an initial assessment with each employee to allow them to develop a learning plan to fit the employee’s and NSK’s needs.

Ongoing feedback from our employees is excellent.”

Lisa Hirst (NSK)

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