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German Courses Egham
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German Courses in Egham for Individuals and Business

Are you looking through options for German courses? There can be a lot of choice. Allow us to narrow down the options for you. We can get you a good quality tutor, without the drama!

Local companies and their employees can also benefit from our fully-managed business language training options.

More Information on Our German Courses

Lesson Venue: Anywhere in Egham
Lesson Frequency:
Your Choice
Course Content:
Bespoke, personalised course
Lesson Days/Times:
Your Choice
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Course Start Date: Your Choice
Total Course Length: Your Choice

“It’s been going great so far I’ve been really pleased with the investment”

Mike Blair

Why Learn With Us?

  • Professional, experienced, pre-vetted teachers
  • High quality teaching
  • Learn fast

Professional, experienced, pre-vetted teachers

Our teachers are personally hand-picked by the Director and his team. We look for skills and experience of course. But we are also looking for the personality and passion for teaching. Our golden rule, only hire if we’d be happy for them to teach us.

High-quality teaching

The best teachers give the best quality lessons. That’s why we’ve invested in our teacher network to deliver you just that. Quality language education.

Learn fast

Learn at a pace comfortable to you. Go as fast or as slow as you need to obtain the best learning experience. Your tutor would only be happy to oblige.

“Don’t let the old excuses keep you from getting to grips with your German. Start today and tomorrow you will thank yourself.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Covid-19: Due to the current situation all our language lessons are currently taking place onlinex