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    German Courses Brighton

    German Courses Brighton

    Course Information

    Struggling to find the right German tutor for you? We’ve got tutors just waiting to help you learn German.

    Businesses looking to help your employees learn a new language should check out our Business Language Training page.

    Information on our German Courses

    Content of Course: Based on what you want to learn
    Tuition Times/Days: Anytime
    Session Length: Recommended minimum of 1.5 hours
    Location/Venue: Anywhere in Brighton
    Course Length: Your choice (Minimum course booking applies)
    Start Date: When you want

    “The language learning support is structured and flexible so you can learn at your own pace depending on travel and other business commitments”

    Neil Wilkinson (CMR Group)

    3 Key Reasons to Choose one of Our German Courses

    • Finding a Tutor Couldn’t be Easier
    • Rebooking Lessons is Simple
    • Moneyback Guarantee


    One Of Our German Courses In Brighton 1

    Finding a Tutor Couldn’t be Easier

    Instead of traipsing around the web trying to find a good tutor we’ll find one for you. Save yourself precious study time and let us handle everything.

    Rebooking Lessons is Simple

    Once your first block of sessions is up and you feel like you need to have more, that’s no issue. Simply call or email us and let us know your availability. We’ll liaison with your tutor and find an agreeable time for both of you.

    Moneyback Guarantee

    We’re only happy if you’re happy. So we offer a full moneyback guarantee if you don’t feel like our courses are for you.

    Ed Oneill Academic Director Uk Language Project Brighton

    “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Are you ready to take your German to the next level?”

    Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

    Covid-19: We are open for business! All lessons currently online.x