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French Courses Wakefield
Course Information

French Courses in Wakefield for Individuals and Business

Thinking about French courses in Wakefield? Great idea. In fact, a private tutor is easiest way to quickly learn another language. We can make happen for you, hassle-free. Read on to find out how.

Or are you a business seeking corporate language training? Head over to our business language training page for more info.

Info on our French Courses

Lesson Days/Times: Your Choice
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Lesson Venue: Anywhere in Wakefield
Lesson Frequency: Your Choice; however often you’d like
Course Content: Bespoke, personalised course for you
Course Start Date: Your Choice; whenever works
Total Course Length: Your Choice

“I had at least 3 breakthroughs that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods

Advantages of Taking Private French Courses Through Us

  • Quality Tutors Guaranteed
  • Detailed Needs Analysis
  • Simple Payment

Quality tutors guaranteed

Of the hundreds of tutors who apply to work with us each year, our language team only accepts a handful. They make sure our tutors are all qualified, experienced and full of personality. Rest assured you’ll be in great hands.

Detailed needs analysis

Prior to payment, we offer a needs analysis service – for free – where we help identify your individual learning needs. After that, you can decide if private tutoring is for you. Once you’re decided we can get going quickly…

Simple payment

Pay for your course easily by credit/debit card. We’ll sort out the rest.

“Keep trying to improve your French little by little. You are capable of more than you know.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director