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    French Lessons Bristol
    Course Information

    Bonjour, have you ever been interested in learning French? Look no further, we offer excellent French Courses. Either in-person, in and around Bristol. Or online, direct to your computer screen. We can find you a tutor and set you up to start learning French as soon as you like.

    For companies, we also offer fully-managed business language training.

    More Information on Our French Courses

    Total Course Length: Up to you
    Class Location: Anywhere in Bristol
    Lesson Days/Times: Whenever suit you
    Lesson Frequency: Your Choice
    Class Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
    Course Start Date: Whenever you want
    Course Content: Entirely based on your needs

    “Truly inspired learning experiences”

    Steve Tomlinson

    3 Key Benefits of using our French Courses

    • Easy to find a tutor
    • Fits around your schedule
    • Booking extra lessons is simple
    One Of Our French Courses In Bristol 1

    Easy to find a tutor

    With our massive network of tutors, it’s so easy to find one that will help you become an expert in French in no time

    Fits around your schedule

    There is no strict date or time you have to follow for lessons. You only book sessions for when you’re free and that fit nicely around your timetable

    Booking extra lessons is simple

    Booking more lessons couldn’t be easier. Just let us know when you’re next available and we’ll set you up with more sessions.

    “Don’t be tempted to quit in your quest to learn French. Success is just around the corner.”

    Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

    Covid-19: We are adapting to the new normal. Ask us about our online and in-person options.x