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English Lessons London

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Are you looking for English courses London or online? There are so many providers of English courses all over the city. It can be a big job researching, shortlisting and deciding which English course will work for you or your employees.

“English Courses for you or your employees”

First of all, relax. Take a deep breath. And get yourself a hot drink of choice. Then read on — the next few minutes may just cut your English course search in half. We have a number of English courses and lesson options that might work for you or your company employees.


  1. English Courses (Self-funded – Paying with your own money)
  2. English Courses for your employees (Paying through a company)
  3. Important things to consider before starting your course


English Courses (Self-funded)

1:1 Private English lessons (online or in-person)

        • At your home, office, or public place such as a coffee shop or library – online options also available
        • You choose the times, days, location and frequency of lessons. If you’re not sure, we can make some recommendations don’t worry
        • Fully-flexible – You can move, rearrange or cancel lessons if you need to. Perfect if you are too busy and can’t attend regular lessons
        • Focus on your needs and goals for your English
        • Study exactly what you want and need, skip what you don’t. Ask the teacher and interrupt with any questions you have. The teacher’s 100% attention is on you

Course Examples

        • Intensive English courses (lessons every day or several times a week)
        • Improving English speaking, pronunciation and confidence
        • Business English
        • Basic grammar and vocabulary course
        • English writing course
        • Survival English for new arrivals in London
        • IELTS Exam preparation
        • English for specific purposes E.g. English for Lawyers, English for Doctors, English for Sports Professionals, English for Engineers



These are what you could choose to focus on in your English course. We’re giving you some inspiration, based on our most popular courses. Our learners ask for these again and again. You are free to choose one of these, mix and match, or choose a completely different focus.

Ask us if you have a specific requirement not listed here.

“Your English course will be completely bespoke, personalised and tailored to your specific needs.”

Maria Lopez Testimonial Image 2

“Knowledgeable, patient teachers, enjoyable lessons, and excellent service! Highly recommend!”

Maria Lopez

English Courses for Your Employees (Online or in-person)

We specialise in providing English courses in London for businesses and company employees. Here is an overview of the kinds of courses we can deliver at your company offices or online.

“We help HR, L&D, Training, and other corporate training organisers set up and run language training for their employees”

Types of lessons

    • 1:1 Private English lessons for key employees
    • Small group lessons (2 – 5 people)
    • Larger group lessons (6 or more people)
    • Lessons during the working day or outside of working hours (fully-flexible timings)

Course examples

    • Survival English for newly arrived employees
    • Writing skills for business (emails, proposals, reports etc.)
    • Problem solving specific issues employees may have (bespoke course)
    • Speaking, confidence and pronunciation courses
    • English for specific industry sectors E.g. English for Oil and Gas, English for Diplomats, English for HR Professionals, English for Financial Professionals, English for Sales and Marketing


Important things to consider before starting your course

    • How long is each lesson?
    • How long is the whole course?
    • How many hours per week is the course?
    • What qualifications and experience do the teachers have?

How long is each lesson?

We have a minimum session length of 1.5 hours (90 minutes) for all our courses. Longer, more intensive lessons are also available. To decide how many hours you can do per session you need to think about how much time (and money) you want to invest per week. If it is for employees, you may have to consider how long you can afford them to take time out of their working day. You should decide what fits best.

“90 minutes per lesson is the most popular”

As a general rule. Over 80% of our students and company clients do a single 1.5 hour session per student or group, once a week.

How long is the whole course?

Language learning is a long-term investment. Our experts recommend taking a course for no less than 6 months. With lessons at least once per week. The longer the better. We have had some students and corporate employees studying on weekly English lessons for several years.

“At least 6 months on one of our courses is recommended”

You and your employees can improve faster. A good rule is get into the habit of doing the same amount of work on your English outside of lessons as inside.

So if you or your employees have a 1.5 hour session per week. They need to be doing at least 1.5 hours self-study on their English every week to make improvements more quickly.

English courses in London

How many hours per week is the course?

The more often the better. However, you will need to decide how many lessons you can realistically do. Life gets in the way! Look at your time available, schedule, and budget. Most of our students and corporate clients go for a single 1.5 hour lesson per week for at least 6 months.

“1 lesson per week is our most popular course frequency”

What qualifications and experience do the teachers have?

All our teachers have a university degree, as well as the Cambridge CELTA English teaching qualification. As a minimum. We also select teachers based on their experience. Particularly teaching business English and in-company lessons. Our expert recruiters make experience and personability a top priority.

“Personality, qualifications and experience are top of our list when recruiting a new teacher”

Many of our teachers have years, and even decades worth of experience at the top of their profession.

“Learning English is a skill to be mastered. Like all skills it takes time. Go at whatever speed is comfortable. You will get there.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

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