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English Courses Guildford
Course Information

English Courses in Guildford for Individuals and Business

Do you want to refine your English? With our courses and tutors, learning English can become a breeze. Let us manage everything for you, so you can get to studying.

For companies and corporate language training organisers, have a look out our business language training pages to see your language learning options.

English Course – Details

Course Start Date: Whenever is convenient for you 
How Often? As often as you like
How Long is a Session?: 1.5 or 2 hours
How Long is the Course: However long you need
Course Content: Based on your needs
Day and Time of Session: Your choice
Session Venue: Anywhere in Guildford

“When I first started I didn’t know anything, now I can get by and understand…I would definitely recommend it”

Gavin Peralta (Siemens)

Benefits of Taking Our English Courses

  • Finding a Tutor is Easy
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Simple, Secure, Payment Method

Finding a Tutor is Easy

Don’t waste time scouring the web for a good tutor when we can find one for you. We have access to a massive network of teachers, so finding one that will meet your needs is no issue whatsoever.

Experienced Teachers

All of our teachers are very trustworthy with at least two years experience. They also have the Cambridge CELTA English teaching qualification, so rest assured, your tutor is more than suitable to teach you.

Simple, Secure, Payment Method

It’s so easy to pay for your lessons. It’s all done through your credit or debit card.

“Start using your English as much as possible. Don’t worry about making mistakes. The more mistakes the better.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Covid-19: Due to the current situation all our language lessons are currently taking place onlinex