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English Courses in Cambridge for Individuals and Business

Are you thinking about different options for English courses? What do you think about private lessons? Taking private lessons can be the fastest, most effective way to learn and improve your English in a very short time.

Maybe you need to organise English lessons for your staff. We can help. Find out more about the options for in-company language training on our Business Language Training page.

All You Need to Know About Our English Courses

Course Starts: ASAP or whenever you’re ready
Lesson Days/Times:
Flexible (We fit to your schedule)
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Location: Anywhere in Cambridge
Lesson Frequency: Flexible
Course Content: Bespoke, personalised course
Total Course Length: Flexible

“When our teams were going into France and Morocco they were better able to interact with teams there.”

Ed Chapman (Mayborn Group)

3 Reasons to Choose our English Courses

  • Free in-depth initial needs analysis
  • No need to spend your time searching
  • Get started straight away

Free in-depth initial needs analysis

Before you begin, we’ll talk together about your needs and goals. Then we’ll get you a teacher who can best help. Who is based in your local area.

No need to spend your time searching

All the time-consuming searching and contacting of teachers is done by us. We have many teachers in our network. One of them will be sure to fit your needs and goals.

Get started straight away

Usually once you’ve decided you want to take a course we can get lessons organised within a week. We will arrange everything. Your job is to arrive at the first lesson and begin your journey to improved English!

“Keep trying to improve your English little by little. You are capable of more than you know.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director