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If you’re looking for Spanish lessons Leeds or online you’re in the right place. The time-consuming research and recruitment of a tutor for yourself, or for your employees, can turn into a real chore.

That’s where we at the UK Language Project Leeds really aim to make a difference. By offering you the pick of the best teachers in your area and group classes where preferred. What’s more, we’ve already done the recruitment and vetting, so you don’t have to.

Online options also available!


“You or your employees can benefit from a fully-managed tutor matching and course coordination service. With continued support from our wonderful team during your time learning with us.”


Whether you are searching casually for a teacher for yourself. Or if you work in HR or training and are looking for a solution to help an employee or employees. We’re here to help! See below to find out more about the kinds of Spanish lessons we offer and the learning options available to you or your teams, we cater to beginners or advanced students so welcome all levels and will help you master the Spanish Language.

Spanish Lessons: Options available

  • Spanish lessons for yourself (For you if you are paying for lessons yourself)
  • Spanish lessons for your employees (Paid for on invoice through a company


Spanish Lessons For Yourself

Normally, these will be 1:1 sessions (either online or in-person) – Join up with a friend to create a 2:1 small group. Use your friend as a learning buddy and challenge each other to make the most improvements in Spanish! Save time and money!

You can learn at home, your office, place of work or a public place such as a library or quiet cafe. Your Spanish lessons are designed for your convenience.

Or meet online via Skype, Zoom, or similar online platform.

Mix and match online with face to face lessons for a truly blended-learning experience.

Lessons can be moved or cancelled with 48 hours notice – free of charge. So you stay in control of when and how often you are learning. No more missing sessions! This can really help if your lifestyle or job doesn’t enable you to attend regular classes at inflexible, scheduled times.

All our Spanish lessons are tailored to your exact needs. The teacher will devise a learning plan for your Spanish. You can include anything that you think will be useful to you. If you only need speaking practice, the teacher will tailor a course for that. Perhaps you need to get through the basics before a holiday. The teacher can also plan a course around that goal.

You have 100% of the teacher’s attention at all times. Ask all the questions you want. Go at a speed and pace that is appropriate for your own learning style.


Examples of Spanish Lessons You Could Do


  1. Fully intensive / Immersive Spanish courses
  2. Speaking, pronunciation and confidence builder courses
  3. Survival Spanish lessons
  4. Business Spanish lessons
  5. Spanish writing courses
  6. Spanish exam preparation (E.g. DELE exams)
  7. Spanish lessons for specific purposes


Your courses are what you make of them

Feel free to drop us a line. We will speak to you you in more detail about the options available. And come up with a plan for your learning. All free of charge. If you decide to go ahead then we will have all we need to set you up with some fantastic Spanish lessons.

You may want to include any or all of the elements above into your course. Or you may have some more specific requirements that you need to be catered for. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, and as long as your needs are linguistic, we will do our best to match you up and tailor lessons that are just right for you, we have done bespoke spoken lessons in the past, anything is possible.


“Mix and match elements of what you need, and leave out what you don’t need for a truly personalised Spanish learning experience”


Flora Kinnear Testimonial Image“The tutor really helped me keep up and get the basics done.”

Flora Kinnear’s Opinion on her Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons for Your Employees

It’s a passion of ours! Helping corporate language training organisers with language training solutions for their employees.

If your company is based in or around Leeds, and you are looking for help to organise Spanish lessons from 1 – 100 employees, we’re here for you.

Get in touch, we’ll listen and see how we can help. We’ve helped hundreds of companies nationwide put together language training for their employees. With great success, no one else offers such a customized offering.


“Our fully account managed service takes the strain. Trainer sourcing and course coordination is done by us. We’re here to make your life easier! Stay in control with regular updates and management information from your designated account manager”

Employee Spanish Course options


      • 1:1 Spanish lessons for key employees
      • Small group Spanish lessons (up to 5 people)
      • Larger group Spanish lessons (6 or more people)


Lessons can take place on or off-site. During or before / after the working day. Times, days and frequency are completely flexible and tailored around your business needs. If your employees need to take time out to travel or attend to important work that is ok as well. Sessions can be cancelled or moved with 48 hours notice, free of charge. Sessions can also be paused, skipped if needs be.

Examples of the Types of Spanish Lessons we Frequently Run In-Company

Survival / Basic Business Spanish
For employees just starting out or who have not learned for a long time. The most popular option for groups of employees.

Business Spanish Improvers Lessons
For employees who already know the basics and need help with getting to the next level of conversation and confidence, then this course is for you! Business vocabulary and scenarios can be woven into the course for added benefit and value to your staff.

Spanish Business writing skills
If your staff need to write in Spanish (e.g. emails, reports, proposals or other documents) we can tailor a personalised course to help them improve.

Spanish for Specific Industry Sectors
– Spanish for Oil and Gas
– Spanish for Retail
– Spanish for Financial Services Professionals
– Spanish for Sales and Marketing


Private Spanish Course in Leeds City Centre


Frequently Asked Questions about our Spanish Lessons

  • How long is each lesson?
  • How long is the whole course?
  • How many hours per week is the course?
  • What qualifications and experience do the teachers have?

How long is each lesson?

Face to face lessons last either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. Longer, more intensive options are available (half-day, full day) if required – please ask. Online sessions can be as short as 1 hour. The decision is yours. You will need to weigh up your budget in terms of both time and money. If the lessons are for employees, you may need to decide how long you can afford them being taken away from their work if the sessions are during work hours.


“The vast majority of our learners opt for 1.5 hour Spanish lessons each time”

How long is the whole course?

If you are paying using your own funds there is a minimum course booking.

We strongly recommend investing in your or your employees’ learning for at least a period of 6 months. With this long-term approach you are more likely to achieve the results and improvements you expect. A large number of our learners and corporate clients have ongoing weekly sessions, and have been for a number of years.


“It is strongly recommended to consider at least 6 months of Spanish lessons to begin with”


To make further progress, it is also important to consider the work being done on the language outside of the classroom. Our experience has shown that if you or your staff spend the same amount of time on your Spanish outside of lessons, you are likely to learn at least twice as fast when you are in lessons. You should think about putting aside time outside the Spanish lessons to focus on self-study.

Spanish lessons in Leeds

How many hours per week is the course?

This is a question of getting the balance right. Our experience shows that most people can fit a single 1.5 hour session comfortably into their week. This enables them to do the lessons, along with any homework, and also fit in self-study and self-learning.

If you’re looking for faster progress in a shorter period of time then we can accommodate much more frequent spacing of lessons. Some of our learners do a lesson every day. It all comes down to your needs, urgency, and of course, your budget!


“A single, 1.5 hour session a week is normal for most of our learners”

What qualifications and experience do the teachers have?

All of our teachers are qualified to degree level and have at least 2 years experience teaching Spanish. We also use native-speaking teachers where possible.

Teachers with a professional teaching background are always preferred, especially if they have experience teaching in-company. Personality and engagement are also extremely important to us when we’re recruiting.

The golden question we always ask ourselves when recruiting a new teacher is: “Would we be happy for the teacher to teach me?” We will only settle if we can answer yes to this question.


“Our Spanish teachers are qualified to degree level, with significant post-qualification experience teaching Spanish”


A lot of the teachers in our network have years, or even decades worth of teaching experience.

Ed O'Neill Academic Director UK Language Project Leeds“Whether it’s for trips to Spain, South or Central America. Or even for doing business with Spanish speakers, a private teacher can help you or your employees get the most out of Spanish. Take the next step. Organise lessons!”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

Face to face and online lessons now available! Call 03333 66 00 13x