Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us

Neil Wilkinson Testimonial Image

“The language learning support is structured and flexible so you can learn at your own pace depending on travel and other business commitments”


Neil Wilkinson
CMR Group

“The teacher is great. She has managed to tailor the lessons to our specific level and requirements, and is always willing to be flexible.”


Tom Bacon
Emma Ramsay Testimonial Image

“The teacher did a fantastic job at going beyond the nuts and bolts of basic language. A cultural learning experience for all involved.”


Emma Ramsay
Corporate Social Club Organiser

“When our teams were going into France and Morocco they were better able to interact with teams there.”


Ed Chapman
Tommee Tippee

“Found us the perfect trainer who was very capable and personable”



Sarah Preston
Gavin Peralta Testimonial Image

“When I first started I didn’t know anything, now I can get by and understand…I would definitely recommend it”


Gavin Peralta
Lisa Hirst Testimonial Image

“I decided to choose UKLP for NSK’s language training centred on their impressive customer base and their flexible approach to learning”

Lisa Hirst
NSK Bearings
Gregoire Dure Testimonial Image

“I learn very quickly as it is only me and the teacher”



Gregoire Dure
Lisam Systems


How Tommee Tippee created a buzz around the business with French lessons

Client Requirements and Solution Chosen

Following purchase of a manufacturing facility in Morocco, Tommee Tippee decided they needed to improve the French language skills of some key employees. We were chosen to design and implement a learning solution for the staff.

We devised tailored group training solution. With 4 groups meeting twice a week after work. Focus on the basics of French, as well as customised vocabulary, role-play and elements of culture and etiquette. 


The delegates loved their lessons.

Not only were they able to better communicate with colleagues in France and Morocco but they also had the opportunity to speak and network with colleagues in different departments who they wouldn't normally mix with.

This created a really positive learning atmosphere and a buzz around the business that extended to more than just the lessons themselves.

How we helped Siemens communicate more effectively with German counterparts

Client Requirements and Solution Chosen

Siemens had a number of managers working on a project with German stakeholders. To perform even more effectively in their roles the managers needed German language training.

We were chosen to provide highly tailored 1:1 language training to these managers. Lessons were weekly and needed to be flexible to accommodate each manager's schedule.


Within a relatively short period of time the managers reported being able to better understand and use German. As well as being able to interact much better with their German counterparts.

With these improvements came improved productivity and efficiency all round. As well as positive goodwill generated between the teams.

Efforts were clearly being made to communicate in German as well as English which further fostered relations between the teams.

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