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Do You Need to Set up Business Language Training for Your Company?

Do you have employees who need to learn a specific language for their role?

Or are you looking to set up more general group language training?

If so, me and my team can set you up by providing:

  • A tutor or tutors
  • A course and a syllabus to follow
  • All required materials
  • Progress tracking and reporting

Academic Director's PhotoMy name is Ed O’Neill. I’m the Academic Director of the UK Language Project Newcastle. We have a vast experience of arranging language training for companies around the North East.

How Can We Help You?

  • For 1 to 1 and small group lessons, we can liaise directly with the participants to arrange a lesson schedule. Taking that burden away from you.
  • For larger groups (4 or more people), you can arrange a time and a day for a regular session and we’ll do the rest.

Business Language Training Testimonial

Testimonial photo“When our teams were going into France and Morocco they were better able to interact with teams there.”

Ed Chapman – Mayborn Group (French Group Lessons in Newcastle)

Why Use Our Services?

  • Fully account-managed –> Piece of mind for you –> Contact your account manager any time for progress or issues –> Get issues raised and solved immediately
  • We have a system that tracks progress
  • All administration is taken care of our end
  • Flexible invoicing on 30 day terms

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How to Take this Further


Me and my team would be delighted to help you run a language course and improve the language skills of your business.

Best of luck,


Academic Director's PhotoEd is the founder and Academic Director of the UK Language Project Newcastle and is also in charge of business language training in the company.

Covid-19: Due to the current situation all our language lessons are currently taking place onlinex