Business German Course For Executives (Course Code UK-BGe)

Course participants and teacher

Course overview – Available online or in-person

This course is specifically for company employees who need to learn and improve their German for work and business purposes. The training is delivered by one of our expert German trainers. Lessons can be either face to face, in person lessons, online via an online teaching platform, or a mix of both.

We work closely with corporate training organisers, HR Departments, Learning and Development and Training departments, as well as individual employees, to help set up training for anything from a single member of staff — right up to lessons for dozens of employees in an entire organisation.

Where and when does the tuition take place?

Training can take place practically anywhere. Most commonly, our trainers come to your offices or business site to deliver courses. Due to our extensive trainer network we can send teachers anywhere in the UK, or even worldwide. As is to be expected, a significant proportion of our training takes place in and around London and the South East of England.

Online sessions are rapidly becoming more and more popular, these can take place anywhere you or your employees have a stable, reliable internet connection.

Here are some of the major UK locations where we deliver training:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Sheffield
  • Online classes also available

Online Learning 1

Course options available

  • Individual Business German training
  • Group Business German training

Both options are highly customisable and can be tailored to the needs of the learners. The level of tailoring available in the 1:1 individual lessons is of course much higher. However, it is still possible to customise and adapt courses quite significantly even with the group training, depending on the size and aims of the group.

The vast majority of our clients take lessons during the working day as it is often more appropriate. We can absolutely however, cater for training outside of working hours at no extra cost.

Evening classes/courses are popular, as are sessions during the weekend. Weekend sessions are usually more popular with 1:1 learners. We can send a trainer to an employee’s home where they can learn without the distractions of the working week.

Language levels catered for

Our trainers are able to deliver courses for all levels of German, from absolute beginner, through to proficiency. Exact levels of each learner will be determined via a diagnostic needs analysis and oral level test over the telephone prior to the start of the course.

Courses will be delivered at one of the following levels depending on the results of the initial needs analysis:

  • A1 – Beginner or high-beginner (sometimes called false beginner)
  • A2 – Elementary
  • B1 – Intermediate
  • B2 – Upper intermediate
  • C1 – Advanced
  • C2 – Proficiency

1:1 lessons can then be highly customised and tailored to the needs and level of the learner. For group courses, every learner is slightly different, so slight discrepancies in level of German between learners is to be expected. Trainers are used to this natural variation of levels in group classes and will adapt accordingly.

Individual (1:1) Business German Language Training – Online or In-Person (Course Code UK-BGe1)

1 to 1 English discussion

This course is for to employees who interact often in German, need to improve as part of their role, or are relocating to a German-speaking country (such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc.)

No matter what the level of the student, the sessions will be conducted entirely in German where appropriate. This is standard modern language teaching practice, known as the communicative approach, and is by far the most effective way to learn any language.

At lower levels, elements of another language (e.g. English) may be used to aid communication in certain situations, but this is hardly ever necessary. Spoken words, as well as non-verbal cues, images and other aids create an effective, immersive language learning atmosphere, without the need to resort to explanations in another language.

As with all our 1:1 training, the sessions can be highly tailored to the exact needs of each student. As well as being adapted to the learning style, speed of learning and interests of each learner. Allowing for rapid, effective learning and progress.

How to get training set up

Contact us via telephone on 03333 66 00 13 or send us a message via our contact page. We’ll have a discussion about your needs and see how we can help.

Conducting an initial diagnostic assessment of employees’ level of German and needs analysis

If you’re ready for the lessons to go ahead, the next step is to arrange a brief telephone call for the learner with one of our experts. This is an opportunity for us to understand a little more about what kind of course to plan for them, as well as to check their level of German.

The learner can also ask any questions they may have at this point.

Days/times and frequency of lessons can also be decided at this point, with a view to getting a 1st session booked in, although this can always be done later if required.

Course content and materials

The key here is to keep things as flexible as possible and centred on the needs of the learner. Following the diagnostic telephone call, the team will have a good idea about what kind of course will be required and can brief one of our teachers accordingly.

In terms of materials, we’ve found that teachers using their own materials is the most effective method as this keeps things as flexible as possible. Allowing for the course to be as specifically targeted on the needs of the learner as possible. It is possible to go through a course book, but with the 1:1 training we’ve found this just isn’t required most of the time.

Here are some examples of popular business German course content we’ve delivered over the years:

  • Boost your German speaking and confidence
  • Technical vocabulary builder
  • German for specific purposes e.g. Business German for bankers, Business German for lawyers
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Business writing including email writing

Recommended number of weeks course length and frequency of tuition

It can take between 40 – 60 hours to move between levels in German. This assumes a similar amount of self-study is undertaken as well. We’d suggest booking a block of 20 – 40 hours training initially, with a view to reviewing at the end of the block with recommendations made about next steps. Our experts can take you through this process.

Most of our clients do either 1 or 2 1.5 or 2 hour sessions per week over the course of several months, or even years. Language learning is a long, complex process and this should be accounted for when looking at training individual employees.

More intensive courses can be arranged, with perhaps daily sessions over the course of several weeks or a couple of months, to boost skills in the short term, or if the learner has a specific target to aim at e.g. travel to Germany etc.

We’ll be happy to advise on suggested course lengths and frequency of lessons if required.

Sessions can easily be moved or cancelled if required, at no cost, as long as at least 48 hours notice is given to the teacher.

Lesson invoicing and payment

Once lessons have started we will invoice for the agreed block of training.

Group Business German Language Training – Online or In-Person (Course Code UK-BGe2)

Discussion during group training

The Business German group training is delivered at your company location (or online), and is designed for small groups of employees who are at or around the same level of German. Ideally, group sessions should be kept to around 6-8 learners (the fewer the better) so that each participant has ample attention from the teacher.

For sessions online, groups should be kept to no more than 6 people.

A large amount of tailoring and adapting of courses can be done, even at lower levels with our group training, as long as class sizes are kept as small as possible. At all levels, we work together with our teachers to ensure the courses are in alignment with your own business and employee goals.

How to get classes set up

Send us a message via our contact page or call our team of experts on 03333 66 00 13 to start the conversation. We can help take any ideas you have and work towards implementing them into the business as effectively as possible.

Ascertaining each learner’s level of German

Levels of German are ascertained by way of self-assessment, or by initial diagnostic telephone call if the class size is small enough. From there we can decide how best to divide students into groups and who needs to go where.

Course content and materials

Depending on the size of the group, the teacher may decide to use their own photocopies or printouts of materials. For larger groups it may be more appropriate to work through a textbook. These can be ordered and costed separately if needed. Our team can make some recommendations.

As a general guide, we have focused on some of the following popular areas in the past:

  • Beginner/refresher German
  • Email writing
  • Industry specific courses (e.g. German for Lawyers or Doctors)
  • Improving speaking and pronunciation
  • Soft skills such as negotiation and presenting

Recommended number of weeks course length and frequency of classes

While there is no recommended number of weeks to complete a course, we would suggest thinking about around 30 – 40 hours group training initially. With group lessons it can actually take around 50 – 60 hours to move up a level in German, assuming similar amounts of work from each student outside of classes. Something which isn’t always easy to control or guarantee.

In terms of timings and frequency of lessons we’d recommend a 1.5 or 2 hour session each time. The vast majority of our clients take a single 1.5 hour group session per week but the more the better. 2 x 1.5 hour sessions per week is an excellent option, though we appreciate this will not always be possible.

Depending on the needs of the business, sessions are very flexible and can be skipped, re-arranged, or cancelled if required at no cost. Provided that at least 48 hours notice is communicated to the teacher, allowing them to replace the cancelled lesson with other work.

Invoicing and payment for lessons

An invoice will be raised for an agreed block of training once lessons begin. If required, we can also invoice monthly at no extra cost. Our experts can take you through the options.

“There’s no doubt that the German language is of critical importance to international as well as European trade. Our courses are continually being improved and our trainers are well-prepared to help you with your Business German course requirements”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

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