Business English Course For Executives (Course Code UK-BE)

Course participants and teacher

Course overview

This is a business English course aimed specifically at helping corporate employees improve their English language skills for work.

Unlike a lot of other providers such as a local language school or college, who focus more on individual learners looking for lessons for themselves, we specialise in helping corporate training organisers, Human Resource Managers, Learning and Development Managers and Training Managers, to source high quality teachers for on-site, face to face or online Business English training for their employees.

Our courses run principally on company premises in the UK, with a lot of work in London and the South East, though we are experiencing growing demand for virtual training delivered online, both in the UK and internationally.

Where and when does the course take place?

Courses are delivered by one of our business English teachers, in-person at your company premises, anywhere in the UK and online. Our most popular locations include:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Sheffield
  • Online classes also available

Online Learning 1

Training options available

  • Individual Business English training
  • Group Business English training

Times/days and frequency of lessons are flexible. Our teachers are able to deliver training either during the working day or outside of working hours depending on needs and availability. We aim to tailor things as per your requirements.

There are no extra charges for evening, weekend or courses during the summer holidays, as we are aware it is often better for employees to learn during their free time if lessons during the working day are not feasible.

Language levels catered for

Individuals will usually be filtered into one of the following levels of English based on their current abilities. A teacher will then prepare a course appropriate for that level.

  • A1 – Beginner or high-beginner (sometimes called false beginner)
  • A2 – Elementary
  • B1 – Intermediate
  • B2 – Upper intermediate
  • C1 – Advanced
  • C2 – Proficiency

For group lessons, there will be variations between students, even at the same level, for example, some students may be able to speak better than others. However, this banding ensures that the teacher can prepare a course that will be appropriate for all learners. For individual 1:1 lessons this is less of an issue. 

Individual (1:1) Business English Training (Course Code UK-BE1)

1 to 1 English discussion

Aimed at employees who have either requested or require further help to improve some aspect of their English language skills, to help them improve in an English-speaking or partly English-speaking role.

The course takes place on a 1:1 basis. This is the most flexible of our course options, as the trainer can individually tailor the course specifically to the needs of the employee.

Unlike lessons at school, our teachers use a communicative approach so learners actually learn by using the language as much as possible.

The needs of the employee are ascertained following a short diagnostic telephone call with one of our language team.

How to get lessons set up

To set up this training, give our language team a call on 03333 66 00 13 or make contact via the enquiry page.

Our team will be happy to discuss initial plans for the training. We understand it can often be quite a prolonged process from initial enquiry to finally getting course authorisation, so we’re happy to answer any questions you may have as a first step.

Finer details, such as potential start dates, as well as times/days, locations and frequency of the training can be agreed upon at any point during the process.

Conducting an initial diagnostic assessment of employees’ level of English and needs analysis

Once training is authorised, we would aim to schedule a discovery call with the employee who needs training. During the call one of our experts will speak to the employee, carry out a diagnostic needs analysis to ascertain the employee’s level and, pinpoint their needs and goals for their English.

Once complete, the finer logistical details can also be arranged (days/times of lessons, location of lessons, frequency of lessons etc.)

Course content and materials

This will be entirely bespoke and based on the employee’s needs.

Examples of popular course content we’ve delivered in our 1:1 business English courses:

  • Speak more fluently in a business context
  • Giving presentations
  • Participating in meetings
  • Business writing including email and report writing
  • Grammar and vocabulary refresher
  • Business English for lower levels
  • English for specific purposes e.g. English for Lawyers, English for Doctors, English for Sports Professionals, English for Engineers

Recommended length and frequency

For the 1:1 lessons we would generally recommend a 20-40 hour block of lessons to be authorised initially, with a view to reviewing after completion of the block.

Each learner is free to choose how many lessons per week they would like to do. Generally the more lessons per week the better, but this will of course have to be weighed up against budgets and other commitments.

To progress between language levels in English usually requires around 40-50 hours of 1:1 lessons with appropriate practice and self-study outside of lessons.

Usually around another 40-50 hours of personal study/practice will be required to make full progress. This is easier if the employee is interacting in English during the working day and is also active with their English outside of work.

Lessons can be delivered intensively over the course of a few weeks. Or more spaced out, over the course of several months.

This will depend on each individual employee, how much time they have to invest in their learning outside work, and whether they have any hard deadlines e.g. Business travel, appraisal meeting etc.

1:1 lessons are incredibly flexible and can be either moved or cancelled free of charge, as long as at least 48 hours notice is given, as per our cancellation policy.

Invoicing and payment for lessons

An invoice for the training block will be sent out once lessons are underway.

Group Business English Training (Course Code UK-BE2)

Discussion during group training

This closed-group course is aimed at staff in the same company who share roughly the same level of English. This course is excellent for employees either in the same team or across teams who have similar levels and learning requirements.

Although not as tailored and individualised as the 1:1 lessons, these lessons can still be personalised quite significantly and represent one of the most cost effective investments per head in employee training there is.

Studies have also suggested that offering in-house language classes to employees can significantly reduce employee turnover and increase morale and productivity overall as well.

This is one of the best advantages of this kind of training. Companies win because their employees are more engaged and loyal, and the learners win because their employer is paying for them to improve their English.

As a rule, we would recommend no more than 8-10 people per class to maximise the amount of individual attention each person is able to receive.

We tend to discourage larger group learning such as is taught at school as this is not the most effective way to learn a language.

Courses take place in a room at your company offices or can be delivered virtually. For the online training, we would strongly recommend no more than 6 people per group.

How to get lessons set up

To get started with this kind of training, give our language team a call on 03333 66 00 13 or make contact via the enquiry page.

Our team will speak with you about your initial ideas and come up with some options. If you have ideas yourself about dates you would like to begin, as well as days/times and frequency of lessons you can discuss those with our team at this point, or this can be resolved further into the process once things are authorised.

Ascertaining each learner’s level of English

Once lessons are authorised the best way to conduct an assessment of each employee’s level of English is to ask them for an estimation of their level. Our team can reach out to them individually if required or this can be done internally.

Our experience has shown that most English learners know their level or have a good idea about where their level is currently at. This usually suffices as a starting point for a teacher when planning a course and also for grouping learners by level.

For smaller group training (up to 4 people) we can conduct an individual diagnostic level test along with a needs analysis over the telephone, similar to the 1:1 lessons.

Course content and materials

The content of the group lessons can be adapted to the needs of the participants. Often learners have similar requirements. The needs of the business can also be factored in here as well. To keep things as tailored as possible, teachers will use their own materials. It is often preferable though for groups to follow a course book and syllabus. Our team can provide guidance.

Examples of popular course content we’ve delivered in our group Business English courses

  • Grammar and vocabulary refresher
  • Learning to speak more fluently and confidently
  • Business writing skills
  • Improving speaking and conversation skills
  • Basic compliance e.g. Health and Safety, filling out accident forms, requesting holiday etc.
  • English for specific purposes e.g. English for Lawyers, English for Doctors, English for Sports Professionals, English for Engineers

Recommended course length for group lessons

Realistically, a minimum block of 30-40 hours group training should be booked. As learning is slightly more paced than with individual training more lessons should be factored in so all participants can make appropriate levels of progress.

As a general rule, either 1 x 1.5 hour session or 2 x 1.5 hour sessions per week is recommended.

For busy times, lessons can be re-scheduled or cancelled altogether for a single week if needed, as long as 48 hours notice is given as per our cancellation policy.

For English, around 50 – 60 hours of group lessons is suggested to move between language levels. This is assuming participants are able to use and practice their English at least 50-60 hours more outside class.

Invoicing and payment for lessons

An invoice for the training block will be sent out once lessons are underway. For group lessons there is also the option to pay for lessons by monthly invoicing rather than in a single block. Our language team can walk you through the options.

It can often be a lengthy process looking for a language training supplier and getting lessons booked in. Our team is here to support you and your employees through this process with as little fuss as possible, so your employees can get learning! Get in touch and see how we can help.

“Our Business English courses start with the needs and goals of the employees being trained, as well as the business goals. We will be here to support you and your staff every step of the way, from teacher sourcing through to ongoing reporting and feedback.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director

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