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UK Language Project

The UK Language Project – The Story So Far…

Are you passionate about learning? Need to improve in a language? We are here to help. This is the UK Language Project. This is our story so far.

We were set up in 2013. Before 2013, we offered English as a foreign language classes in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. (as English in Newcastle Ltd.)

English in Newcastle was set up in 2010 and grew over 20% each year so we knew we were on to something.

We wanted to help more people. So now, you can take:

  • Spanish Tuition
  • French Tuition
  • German Tuition
  • Italian Tuition
  • English as a foreign language tuition
  • Portuguese Tuition
  • Mandarin (Chinese) Tuition


  • Arabic Tuition

Anywhere in the UK.

If you’re in a major city in the UK, we’d love to help you improve your language skill or pick up a new language with a private tutor. On your terms.

One of our passions is to promote language learning. It’s not about rote-learning of grammar tables and repetition of pronunciation until perfect.

All of this trash you were no doubt taught at school.

Welcome to a new approach.

The communicative approach.

You actually learn a language by speaking it!

We are passionate about igniting interest in languages and promoting learning. Particularly adult learning of languages. Our tutors bring the process alive for you. Giving you real skills and confidence. You can then use these during everyday interactions in the target language.

In short, lessons will focus on practicing the language.

The UK Development Director and most senior manager of the UK Language Project is Ed O’Neill.