German Tutors Needed – Leeds

German Tutor Application Form

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What Kind of Tutoring is it?

The vast majority of students studying German will be adults (over 18 years old) searching for a German tutor in Leeds to help them improve their language.

Commonly, professionals and company employees who need German for their job study with our tutors. There may be some tutoring of children (under 18 years old) required, however this is rare and tutors can choose to accept of decline this kind of work.

Ideal German Tutor

Only Tutors currently based in and around the Leeds area will be considered as we do not have full-time work on offer. The ideal tutor will also have their own car as this saves time travelling to and from lessons.

For more information about the specific requirements of the German tutoring role. View our German tutor role description. If you think you have what is required test yourself against our pre-application checklist.


Tutor Role Description

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