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What Kinds of Student Do Our Arabic Tutors Teach?

The majority of students are adults who need to learn Arabic from Beginner level or need to improve their Arabic for their job. They will have found us when searching for an Arabic tutor in Leeds.

Companies doing business in Arabic-speaking countries often pay for lessons for individual employees or groups of employees so group lessons in companies around Leeds may be a possibility.

Important Requirements for Our Arabic Tutors

All tutors must already be living in or around the Leeds area to be eligable to apply. Also, tutors with a car are preferred as getting to and from each lesson and between lessons can be extremely time-consuming on public transport.

Find Out More

Take a look at the complete requirements in our Arabic Tutor Role description document, if you think you have the correct requirements download our self-evaluation pre-application checklist to make sure you have all the necessary requirements. After that, apply to be added to our tutor pool using the application form on this page.


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