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What to do if You’re Having Trouble Finding a Portuguese Tutor

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Struggling to find a Portuguese tutor? Not sure how to go about it? There are not many Portuguese tutors around the Newcastle area. Have you found that?

Use us and you have access to a network of tutors, including Portuguese. You’ll be matched up. And can discuss your needs with them via Skype. Free of charge.

All you need to do is contact us.

3 Ways we Can Assist in Finding You a Portuguese Tutor

  • Tutor finding, matching and meeting process is fully managed. No cost to you.
  • You meet with tutor via Skype for free to see if private lessons are for you.
  • Pay your course fees safely and securely through us.

Meet the Director

Academic Director's PhotoMy name is Ed O’Neill. Academic Director of the UK Language Project Newcastle. Hopefully one of our network of Portuguese tutors will be able to assist you with improving and speaking Portuguese.

3 Advantages of having Portuguese Lessons with us

  • Save time and effort compared to manually searching for a tutor.
  • No risk to you. Meet tutor on Skype beforehand.
  • Remove anxiety over whether you’ve made the right choice. If you’re not happy, get your money back.

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Save Time vs Manually Searching for and Finding a Tutor

Delegate responsibility to our experienced, dedicated team. Let us know your needs and when you can meet. Then continue your day. We’ll contact you when we’ve spoken to a tutor in the network who can help.

Meet Tutor on Skype First – For Free!

Speak to tutor to discuss your needs. Decide if it’s right for you. If you want, book your Portuguese lessons there and then. Whatever you decide, leave the meeting armed with all the information you need to make the right decision.

Money Back Guarantee

We need to offer you and all our learners an excellent service with the best tutors. If you’re not happy we will work to resolve the problem. If we can’t resolve it, you can get your money back.

testimonial imageβ€œThe tutor really helped me keep up and get the basics done.”

Flora Kinnear from Newcastle on her Language Course

Next Step: Check Prices and Enquire

Best of luck. I would love it if we could help you learn Portuguese.


Academic Director's PhotoEd O’Neill is the Academic Director and Founder of the UK Language Project. He speaks 5 languages. He always has his computer and mobile phone set to a language he is learning. Just to keep him on his toes!