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The Right Way to Find a Great Mandarin Tutor

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Interested in learning Mandarin? (aka Chinese) How about taking lessons with a private tutor. It’s the fastest way to learn. With a complex language like Mandarin it’s definitely best to get expert help.

How can we help You find a great Mandarin Tutor?

  • Our team will do the grunt work sourcing and liaising with the tutor. When we’ve got somebody we’ll tell you.
  • You can speak to your Tutor via Skype for free. Discuss needs directly with tutor. Decide if tutor is right and tuition is for you. Risk free. No obligation.
  • Pay for tuition safely and securely via credit or debit card.

Meet the Director

Academic Director's PhotoHi, my name is Ed O’Neill. I’m in charge of the language courses here at the UK Language Project Newcastle. Me and my team would be delighted to help you learn Mandarin.

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3 Reasons to use us to help You Learn Mandarin

  • Free initial discussion with Tutor via Skype
  • Secure payment – All inclusive cost
  • Money Back Guarantee

No Upfront Cost

Sometimes you are asked to pay just to get a potential tutor’s contact details. What you really need is to meet the tutor, discuss things. And pay the money if you’re happy.

That’s exactly how it works if you choose to find a tutor through us.

Secure Payment – All Inclusive Cost

Pay for lessons securely using credit or debit card. If you want more lessons, we can securely process payment for more lessons using the details we have on file for you.

Money Back Guarantee

To make your decision about taking Mandarin lessons as easy as possible we offer a money back guarantee.

We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience. If not, you get your money back.

testimonial photo“Very helpful, challenging, lessons are very good, we’re delighted”

Peter Sweeney from Newcastle on his lessons


Check Prices and Enquire

Best of luck with your Mandarin course.


Academic Director's PhotoEd is the founder and Academic Director of the UK Language Project. He enjoys all things language. He’d like to learn Chinese. It’s on his ever-growing list of things to do.