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It’s not easy learning Mandarin. If you’re thinking about private lessons you’re doing the right thing. A Mandarin tutor can guide you through the difficulties. We can make your search easier. By getting you a tutor.

Mandarin Course Information

Days/Times of Tuition: Any

Lesson Length: 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Venue for Lessons: Anywhere in Birmingham

Course Content: Based on your needs

Start Date: Any

Course Length: Flexible

How Often: Flexible

Eric Ayao Ito - Testimonial Image“Lessons are very, very good!”

Eric Ayao Ito on his language lessons

Reasons to Book Mandarin Tuition Through Us

  • No Initial Cost
  • Good Quality Lessons
  • Simple Payment

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No Initial Cost

Initial search and meeting of tutor via Skype is free. You can meet and get to know the tutor. See whether it’s right for you. For no financial cost.

Good Quality Lessons

You’ll enjoy learning Mandarin with our tutor. We only have the best tutors on our books so you can feel confident and happy you’ve made the right choice.

Simple Payment

Course payment by credit or debit card. Could it be any simpler?

Ed O'Neill Academic Director - UK Language Project Birmingham (1)“Learning Mandarin is tricky. I don’t need to tell you that! Allow a tutor to guide you through the process to make it easier.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director