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Taking Away the Hassle of Looking for a German Tutor

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Are you looking for a German tutor? Your search ends here.

3 Ways We can Help You in Your Tutor Search

  • Initial finding done for you by our team
  • Free initial discussion on Skype. To decide if it’s right for you
  • Course payment handled safely and securely by us

Ed O'Neill - Academic DirectorI’m Ed O’Neill, the Academic Director here at the UK Language Project Sheffield. Me and my team love helping people out. We want to help you too!

More Information about German Tuition

Times/Days of Lessons: Your choice

Course Start Date: Your choice

Lesson Venue: Wherever is good for you

How often?: Minimum 1.5 hours per week

How long?: At least 3 months study initially is recommended

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3 Reasons to Use our Tutors to Help You Learn German

  • Meet Tutor via Skype first. For free
  • Pay Securely
  • Full Progress Tracking and Reporting

Meet Tutor on Skype First – For Free

Finding tutors and organising 1st lesson is our job. Simply meet them on Skype. Discuss your needs. Decide if it’s for you. Book a course of lessons or walk away. Your choice.

Pay Securely

Course fees paid securely by credit or debit card. Re-booking is easy. Send us a message. We can take a new payment with the card we have on file.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

After each lesson you get a report emailed to you with progress. Simply attending lessons forces you to make progress. You can keep track of how your doing.

Brenda Woods Testimonial Image“I had at least 3 breakthroughs with my German that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods on her German Lessons

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Whatever you decide, we’re rooting for you!


Ed O'Neill Academic DirectorEd is the Academic Director of the UK Language Project Sheffield and also started the company. A lifelong lover of language learning, he now tries to help as many people learn a language as possible.