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Don’t bother looking for a German tutor. All those websites. All those names. Which site was that tutor on again? Oh! I have to pay to get their contact details…

Not any more! Let us find you a German tutor. You can meet them for free.

General Course Details

Content of Course: Agreed between you and tutor

Tuition Times/Days: Any

Lesson Length: 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Location/Venue: Anywhere in Birmingham

How Often: Minimum 1.5 hours per week recommended

Course Length: Minimum 6 hours at first

Start Date: Any

Brenda Woods Testimonial Image“I had at least 3 breakthroughs with my German that have made such a difference to my understanding of the language.”

Brenda Woods on her German lessons

Why Use Us to Help You Get a German Tutor?

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Guaranteed a Quality Tutor
  • Simple, Secure Payment

German tuition

No Upfront Cost

Allow us to get you a tutor. Your job is to meet up with them on Skype. Discuss your dreams and goals for your German. See if you get on. Only take lessons if comfortable and happy.

Guaranteed a Quality Tutor

We’d love to help find you a quality German tutor. All our tutors are handpicked by our language team. Only top tutors make the cut. If you don’t agree, get your money back.

Simple, Secure Payment

Easy payment via credit/debit card. Re-booking is simple.

Ed ONeill Academic Director - UK Language Project Birmingham“Guten Tag! I’m sure that if you want to progress with your German we will have a tutor who can help. Speak to us and we’ll see if we can help you out.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director