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It’s not easy finding a French Tutor. Will they be any good? Will you get on? Will I learn anything? These are all important questions.

We can help. Let us find you a French tutor. You can speak to them on Skype first. For free. No obligation.

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When? You choose

How long is each lesson? 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Where? You choose

Start date: You choose

Content: Bespoke. Based on your needs

How often: You choose

How long is the course? You choose

Mike Blair Testimonial Image“It’s been going great so far I’ve been really pleased with the investment”

International Rugby Player Mike Blair on his French lessons

Advantages of Getting a French Tutor Through Us

  • Get to know tutor for free
  • Quality Tutor Guaranteed
  • Easy Course Payment

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Get to know Tutor for Free

Finding and meeting tutor on Skype is free of charge. Decide if it’s for you and if you’d benefit from lessons. Only pay if comfortable and happy to go ahead.

Quality Tutor Guaranteed

Feel confident you’ve made the right choice. Only the best tutors make it on to our books. We spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure our tutors are the very best.

Easy Course Payment

Pay securely and safely with a credit or debit card.

Ed ONeill Academic Director - UK Language Project Birmingham“Salut a tous! Let’s shake off those cobwebs and get your French to the next level. Contact us and let’s find you a tutor.”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director