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An Easier Way to Improve Your English

This will take about 2 minutes to read if your first language is not English.

Is your 1st language not English? Are you looking for private English lessons to help you get better at English? Yes? We have teachers who can help.

Information about Our Private English Lessons

Where: Anywhere in Liverpool

When: Your choice

Course Content: Based on your needs

How often are the lessons? As often as you want

How long is the course? There is a minimum of 6 hours course booking

Course Start Date: Your choice

Eric Ayao Ito - Testimonial photo“Lessons are very, very good!”

Eric Ayao Ito on his English Lessons

Benefits of Booking a Private English Teacher with Us

  • Easy to Organise
  • Meet Teacher on Skype First – For Free
  • Experienced and Qualified Teachers

private english lesson tutor and student

Easy to Organise Lessons

Send us a message or call us. We will organise everything. We will find a teacher and organise for you to speak to them on Skype for free.

Meet Teacher on Skype for Free

Meet the teacher for 20 minutes for free. Speak to them about your needs. Decide if private lessons are right for you.

Experienced, Qualified Teachers

All teachers are qualified and have at least 2 years experience teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Ed O'Neill Academic Director in chair“We will find you a private English teacher who you will love – or you get your money back!”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director