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Do You Need a Private English Teacher?

This page will take about 2 minutes 15 seconds to read if your first language is not English.

Sometimes you just need somebody to show you the way. A private English teacher can do that. See below for how we can help you improve your English.

Private English Lessons – Information

Where are the lessons? You choose – Can be anywhere in Birmingham

When are the lessons? You choose

How long is each lesson? 90 minutes or 2 hours

When do lessons start? You choose

How often are lessons? You choose

How long is the course? You choose

What do you study? Course is based on your needs

Thusitha Dhammika Testimonial Image“The UK Language Project has helped me very much with my English”

Thusitha Dhammika on his English Lessons

Why Take Private English Lessons with Us?

  • Easy and Free to Get Started
  • Learn Fast
  • Easy to Pay

1 to 1 English tuition

Easy and Free to Get Started

You can send us a message. We will organise for you to have a meeting with a teacher on Skype to talk about your needs. It’s free. If you are happy, take lessons! It is that easy.

Learn Fast

Your teacher is qualified and experienced at helping students with their English. They know what to do to improve your English. Fast.

Easy to Pay

Pay by credit or debit card. It’s safe and secure. UK and Overseas cards accepted.

Ed O'Neill Academic Director - UK Language Project Birmingham (1)“If you need help with your English just ask. We have teachers who can help you. With private lessons”

Ed O’Neill – Academic Director