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IELTS Preparation Course Sheffield

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The Best Way to Make Sure You Get the IELTS Score You Need

Takes about 3 minutes to read if English is not your first language.

Try private lessons to prepare for IELTS. A course of lessons with an expert IELTS teacher can help you get the result you need. And move forward with your life.

What Can We do to Help?

  • Talk with you on the telephone about your IELTS and what specifically you need
  • Organise for you to take lessons with an expert IELTS teacher. So you are fully prepared for your exam

Ed O'Neill Academic DirectorHi. My name is Edward. I’m the Academic Director here. We’ve helped hundreds of students get the score they need for IELTS. I hope we can help you too.

Why Take an IELTS Course with Us?

  • Large team of experienced IELTS teachers
  • Free initial discussion on telephone with one of our team
  • Easy to pay

Mirdiyor Makhambayev Testimonial Image“After 3 weeks IELTS preparation I got 6.0. It was unbelievable and I was really happy. Thank you so much guys!”

Mirdiyor Makhambayev on his IELTS Preparation Course

You Get an Experienced IELTS Teacher

An experienced teacher can give you all the secrets, techniques and methods you need. You can make improvements on your weak areas. Fast. So you are completely prepared for the exam.

Free Initial Telephone Discussion

Find out if private lessons are for you.

  • Discuss needs
  • Set goals
  • Decide if it’s right for you

Easy Payments

Book in a block in advance. Pay by credit or debit card. It’s 100% secure. If you want more lessons email us. Our team will process the payment.

private ielts lesson

What to Do Next


I hope you do well in your IELTS exam.


Ed O'Neill - Academic DirectorWhen he was a teacher, Edward helped hundreds of students prepare for and pass IELTS. His team works locally in Sheffield to help as many people as possible achieve their goals for IELTS.