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We Can Help You Pass Your IELTS Exam

This page will take you about 1 minute 45 seconds to read if English is not your 1st language

Are you having problems getting a good IELTS score? Sometimes you need someone who is an expert in the exam. To show you some techniques you can use to improve. We can find a teacher for you. And you can meet them. For free.

Information About the IELTS Preparation Course

Lesson Days/Times: Your Choice
Lesson Length: 1.5 or 2 hours
Lesson Location: Anywhere in Manchester
How Often? Your Choice
Course Content: Based on your needs
Course Start Date: Your Choice
Total Course Length: Your Choice

Mirdiyor Makhambayev Testimonial Image“After 3 weeks IELTS preparation I got 6.0. It was unbelievable and I was really happy. Thank you so much guys!”

Mirdiyor Makhambayev on his IELTS Preparation Course

3 Reasons to Prepare for IELTS with Us

  • Meet Teacher for Free First
  • Teachers Have Good Experience with IELTS
  • Easy to Pay for Course

IELTS Preparation Lesson in the Office

Meet Teacher for Free First

You can meet the teacher on Skype first. Decide if private lessons are for you. Only take lessons if you are happy that the teacher can help you.

Teachers Have Good Experience with IELTS

Your teacher will have good experience with IELTS. It is really important that our teachers have experience with IELTS preparation. Not just English.

Easy to Pay for Course

You can pay for your course using a credit or debit card. We accept most cards, including international cards.

Ed O'Neill Academic Director UK Language Project Manchester“You have spent years learning English. Prepare for the IELTS exam properly. With a teacher. And you will get the result you need.”

Ed O’Neill Academic Director UK Language Project Manchester