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General English

Course information

General English Course

This General English Course is the most popular course taken by students at the UK Language Project. During the course the student works with the tutor to improve in all aspects of the English language: Reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as grammar and vocabulary. This course is with a private tutor so the student is always free to discuss the elements of the course at any time with their tutor. Sometimes students choose a General English Course with more of a focus on speaking, pronunciation and discussions. Other times students may choose to focus on writing skills more as they will need it for going to university or working. The exact focus of the course is decided together between the student and the tutor, although our tutors are very professional and will always have a good idea about what students need to improve their language, the student is always in control of the learning process and can discuss content and focus of the course at any time with their tutor.
The General English Course can be taken as an intensive course with lessons every day for a few weeks or it can be taken as a non-intensive course with a few hours a week or as few as 1.5 hours a week or every 2 weeks depending on the needs of the student.